Bi Rain introduces 2wins

Fisrt, I want to thanks Cloud USA blog and for all the news of 2wins.

Even Bi Rain, the korean Big star recognize the huge talent of Topbob and Bumkey.

brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.

Hello, everyone.  This is Rain.

I’ve been sweating at my concert tour of Japan, thanks to your ardent support.  With the weather getting hotter, I wonder if you are healthy and doing well.

I hope you are always healthy.

Today, allow me to introduce to you hip-hop and R&B duo ‘Twins’ doing an emotional hip-hop.  They are extremely talented artists as rappers and vocalists.  Please focus on them.

(video credit: twowins / courtesy of scorpiolabibi @YT)

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6 Responses to “Bi Rain introduces 2wins”

  1. cloudusa Says:

    Hi, and thank you. 🙂

    Topbob and Bumkey are very talented, and we wish them all the best!

    Stephe ^@@^

  2. Fritz Hallie Says:

    Great site!!!

  3. Mauro Daloia Says:

    Very good stuff here, great job on this blog!

  4. Letisha Vanderlee Says:

    Great site!!!

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