2wins@ Starry Night with Park Kyung Lim

Here’s the talk segment. Enjoy

PKL DJ:  It was “just two of us” by 2wins who never disappointed with their performances. Welcome guys. good to see you. you guys won popular acclaims on the bulletin board system.
2wins: oh really?
DJ:One of listeners, Kim min kyong said ‘Topbob oppa is so hot’
Topbob : is she watching this program?
DJ: yes, I think she is.
Topbob: is this program going to be on the internet?
DJ: of course, it will.
Topbap: Then she shouldn’t be able to know that I’m so hot. hahaha
DJ: I realized that you look like to Kim Son Su.
Topbob : I’ve never heard that before in my life.
DJ: he (Kim son so) is so outstanding. He is making  an appearance on the drama ‘l am a legend’
Topbob : people told me that i look like to Wonbin. hahaha
(audiances are ragging)
Topbob : H~~~I~~~~P HOP
DJ: A~~~Ju~~~ shi~~! the listener 5431 said to Bumkey :  your voice is best, you are so cool and so sweet.
Bumkey: Thank you. I am going to have a better voice than before and I expect seeing you.
DJ: you really have a sweet voice.
DJ( a boy): you are best!!!
Bumkey: I am so flattered.
DJ: is it fake diamond earrings?
Bumkey: I lost it every day, if it was  real diamonds, it would cost me an arm and a leg.
DJ: If it was diamonds, it would be about 10 carats.
DJ(the boy):  Kim min Jee wrote :  I love this song, is there are 2wins version this song?  I love your song. you guys have a sweet voice.
2wins: thank you.
DJ: the listener 9630 said ……….. never mind , I am listenning now.
Topbob: there wasn’t enough time to prepare this song.
DJ(the boy): oh cool, If you had plenty of time, It would have been a perfect song
Topbob : H~~I~~~~P HOP
DJ: yep~~~~!!!!!!!!
DJ: an audience 9630 said : I’m in the mood this night, 2wins are cool!
DJ(the boy) yes, it was,  I was looking forward to seeing you when I heard you guys will come at the studio.
2wins : thanks.
DJ(the boy) actually, I’ve seen you guys a couple of times before the show.
DJ: right!!!
2wins: yes.
DJ: as the twig is bent, so grows the tree, each other.
DJ (the boy) :  no I’m not.
Bumkey: you are so flattered, I have seen him in a boardcasting system station before.
DJ: I’m really happy to speak highly of each other.
Bumkey: I’m a huge fan.
DJ: now, we just have  7 minutes, how did you guys get together?
Topbop: I was at work. Bumkey was a trainee. We were working at same place ,but for different companies. When I saw him for the first time, I wanted to work with him, and now, the dream came true.
DJ: Ok. you thought that. Bumkey, what did think of  Topbop when you saw him?
Bumkey: Well you know, I was a trainee and Topbop was a singer, so of course I had a thrill when I met him for the first time. I learned a lot from him.
DJ: what did you learn?
Bumkey: several things, like music.
DJ : have you ever regretted to form a band?
Bumkey : certainly not. I will never regret it.
Topbob : I don’t know our future, actually we aren’t going to regret that.
DJ(the boy): there’s a huge difference of age between you two.
Bumkey : yes it is , from different sight of view.
DJ(the boy) :  however, it fit like a glove together.
Topbob : uhm…….we are super together.
DJ: What is yours favorite food?
Topbob : Everything,  I like korean food. everything is fine to me. We spend a lot of time together, we have a good relationship when we share a meal together.
DJ: it is awesome. it is best!!! by the way, do you have fan club in France?
Bumkey : yes we have. It is amazing. there were a  fan club before the first album of 2wins was released.
DJ: Is there another 2wins ? haha
Bumkey: no, there is not. Even if we are so surprised this happening that we figure this situation out.  Actually , we made a featuring on the last album of Epik high and there is a large number of foreigners who listen to K-pop.  2wins fan club was organized by French and get spreaded.
DJ: ok. then, can you say something to your French fans?
Bumkey: there is just one thing that I know in French : ‘bonjour’. I am going to say ‘hello’ to French into English.
(the bell )
DJ: I am about to listen in English
Topbap: H~~~I~~~~P HOP
DJ: HIP HOP, I will show you guys music. good bye
Bumkey: yes, thank you.

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4 Responses to “2wins@ Starry Night with Park Kyung Lim”

  1. Bomclette Says:

    Ouais donc hier je disais (enfin j’avais écrit xD) que j’aime trop comment Topbob il éclate de rire quand la clochette elle retentit ^____^

    Et sinon, le “dj boy” c’est le gars de Infinite 🙂 [il est trop reconnaissable, il ressemble trop à Chance de oneway mais en version 12 ans mdr]

    et qu’est-ce que j’avais dit d’autre.. hum.. ah oui ! Le “bonjour” de Bumkey il est trop chou hahaha

    PS : yeah i know i should have wrote my comment in english.. that would have been better.. but i’m lazy >_<

  2. 2winsbounce Says:

    merci pour les com les choupinettes

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